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 “I pray to God to give me perseverance and to deign that I be a faithful witness to Him to the end of my life for my God.” -Saint Patrick

Classic Ireland Pilgrimage

“Saints and Scholars”
August 2 – 12, 2019

We have carefully budgeted our Classic Pilgrimages for families, couples and single travelers so that they can experience the unique qualities of Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages at our most affordable price, without sacrificing Inside the Vatican integrity and style.  To learn more about our Classic Pilgrimages click on the button below.

what is a classic pilgrimage?

Come on this unique pilgrimage to the land of Patrick. A land that enslaved him, but which Patrick set free from her pagan ways.

Stand upon the Hill of Slane and look upon the land spread out before you. It is from that hill that the Christian story of a race starts when upon it Patrick lit a paschal fire. The sparks of this fire were never to die. Instead, from those flames the Catholic faith found its way to new lands and new continents as Irish pilgrims went out sowing in tears so that you could return to sing Psalms.

Walk with us among Erin’s ancient lanes, through her ruined monasteries, past the sites where long ago were fought the battles that even today resonate. You will see the scars of more recent conflicts upon the walls of the still disputed North.

Of course you will taste the hospitality, which is legendary. Eat and drink the fine foods and even better beers of a land that knows the value of a feast. Experience the ‘craic’. The indefinable Irish word for ‘a party’, but which is so much more than that.

History, culture, food and drink, breath-taking scenery, trips to islands set in the swirling Atlantic, journey through city streets as their tales are told – all of this you would expect on a trip to Ireland.

However, this is not just a tour. This is a pilgrimage. When you land in Ireland you are the pilgrim.  Here and now, not there and then. Despite what you might have heard or observed in recent years, the faith story of Ireland continues, but, this time, with you as part of it. This is a journey inwards as much as it is outwards. And it is where you write the faith story.

It is a faith journey. A path that takes these ancient stones scattered all around and makes them life giving for today, for now, for you.

Remember this is not a tour where you will return home to talk of the ruins you’ve seen but, instead, one where you return home a ‘living stone’ having become part of a faith journey that began at the Hill of Slane by Patrick.

If you want to experience, feel and live the faith story of Christian Ireland, and to become a part of that story – then journey with us. The call is Divine, for the Fire started on Slane still burns, and will burn yet brighter still in those it calls…

Joining us on this pilgrimage is Catholic writer, K.V. Turley. Kevin is a filmmaker, a writer, a journalist, a scriptwriter, radio presenter, television host, podcast presenter, film and book reviewer, and tour guide. To read more about him click on the button below.

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Pilgrimage Overview

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