“These present times call for the Catholic faithful, the laity,
to know and love Jesus Christ and His Church extraordinarily well,
and to become even more outstanding men and women of prayer.”
– Fr. Charles T. Murr

Spain: Pilgrimage and Retreat with Fr. Murr

October 24 – 31, 2024

Pilgrimage booking is open!
We expect a quick sell-out.

Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages are different from all other tours and pilgrimages.  We craft a daily itinerary which creates a fabric woven of spiritual, historical and personal elements – the personalities of great saints, the personalities of those we encounter and the personalities of our pilgrims with everything they bring from their lives and their faith journeys.  Our pilgrimages, therefore, are unique, unrepeatable experiences. Our pilgrimages are impossible to mass produce.  They are like a product of an artisan, a work of art that reflects the painstaking commitment of an artist to create something of great and unique beauty.

Come with us on this unique pilgrimage and retreat to renew your spirit this autumn. Not only will you pilgrimage through Southern Spain, a beautiful land where the Catholic Church’s rich 2,000-year history comes alive, but also you will partake in a retreat led by Father Charles T. Murr, a well-known Catholic priest who is a best-selling author, philosopher, theologian, trained psychologist and pastor of souls.

(Go to Urbi et Orbi Communications’ YouTube channel to get a sense of Father Murr’s love of Christ, intellect, joy and great sense of humor.  Click here for a playlist of his videos.)

For the entirety of our pilgrimage and retreat, you will spend seven (7) nights in Carmona, Spain at the Convento Madre de Dios de Carmona, a convent hotel that has been home to Dominican nuns since 1515. In this convent, Father Murr will lead our retreat and celebrate Mass.  During our days together, we also will journey to some of the most beautiful towns in all of Andalusia, Spain:

Carmona is a town where you will feel, breathe and experience its true essence as you walk along the streets. At each turn, you will be transported to a different period – from the city’s Neolithic origins, to Julius Caesar’s revolt in Rome in 69 B.C., to the Christian-Muslim struggle after the Muslim invasion in the 700s.

Córdoba was once the premier city of the Western World, the greatest metropolis west of Constantinople, and the seat of Europe’s first university.  All agree that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Ronda is one of the most beautiful (and visited!) villages in Andalusia. This village, located on a rocky promontory offers magnificent panoramas over the whole valley. Divided in 2 by the Guadalevin river, it’s famous for the Puente Nuevo, the bridge linking the 2 sides of the 100m deep El Tajo Canyon.

Setenil de las Bodegas is a very unusual village to see and discover. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It is atypical because many of the houses are troglodyte. They are built from caves or under rocky overhangs. It seems that this little village made up of natural caves, has been inhabited for more than six thousand years. Its particular geography made Setenil a strong place and particularly difficult to conquer. It took 7 sieges of the city before the Catholic kings were victorious and took Setenil. The last, victorious attack took place on 21 September 1484. The city fell into the hands of the Catholic kings following an assault by troops led by Rodrigo Ponce de León, Duke of Cadiz. Legend has it that the name Setenil comes from the translation of the Latin words “Septem Nihil” which means “seven times nothing”. The full name, on the other hand, dates from the 15th century. This was the period when new Christians settled here. In addition to preserving the olive and almond fields, they introduced vines. The caves that were used to preserve the wine naturally gave the name of “Bodegas”.

Seville was founded as a Roman city and is now home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is bursting with antique charm. The Alcazar Palace complex is a stunning collage of architectural styles, and the Cathedral is famed for its beauty and its status as the burial site of Christopher Columbus.

The people, the history, and the traditions of these towns will give richness, beauty and context to the talks of our retreat.

This retreat led by Father Murr will be a profound spiritual journey.  Father Murr’s steadfast faith, his wide learning, and his unfailing humor will make this retreat engaging, spirit-filled and Christ-centered.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime Pilgrimage and Retreat and grow closer to Christ.

Spend an evening at Fr. Murr’s home: live music, delicious dinner & enlightening conversation by his fireplace!

Cathedral of Saint Mary (Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede) Seville, Spain
Cordoba, Spain at the Roman Bridge and Mosque-Cathedral on the Guadalquivir River
Carmona, Spain – our home for 7 nights!

Pilgrimage Overview

October 24 – 31, 2024

Day 1:  Carmona

  • Arrive in Seville, Spain, and take a group transfer to Convento Madre de Dios de Carmona Hotel for a welcome Mass and dinner.

Day 2:   Carmona

  • Spend the morning on retreat with Fr. Murr – followed by Mass and lunch.
  • In the afternoon, we will go on a walking tour of Carmona – St. Clare Convent, Carmona’s Jewish quarter, the Plaza de Abastos, Carmona’s town hall, and the Parador.  
  • Enjoy dinner on your own in Carmona

Day 3:  Carmona / Cordoba 

  • Continue on your spiritual journey with a morning retreat with Fr. Murr – followed by Mass and lunch.
  • In the afternoon, travel to Cordoba and visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and the historic center that surrounds this most beautiful and unique building.
  • View the fortress palace of Cordoba then visit one of the best preserved medieval synagogues in Spain. 
  • Enjoy dinner on your own in Cordoba

 Day 4: Carmona 

  • Spend your morning on retreat with Fr. Murr – followed by Mass and lunch.
  • Enjoy free time to explore Carmona, rest or reflect before a special dinner. 

Day 5: Ronda

  • After breakfast, travel south to Ronda.
  • Along the way from Carmona to Ronda, visit Setenil de las Bodegas which is the most unique of all the white villages of Andalusia in Spain.  Overhanging the pretty white houses are huge rocks.  
  • In Ronda, grab lunch amongst the traditional white-washed houses and narrow cobbled streets of the old quarter. See one of the oldest and grandest bullrings in Spain, the Moorish King’s Palace with its lovely gardens, a former Arab mine, and the well-preserved 13th-century Arab Baths.

Day 6: Seville 

  • Travel the short distance from Carmona to Seville for 10:00 am Spanish Mass at the High Altar at the Cathedral de Sevilla, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.
  • Visit the cathedral’s bell tower which was originally built as the minaret for the mosque, the Royal Alcazar of Seville – the oldest royal palace in Europe that is still in use today, and the Toree del Oro -the golden tower of Seville. 
  • Enjoy lunch on your own in what many consider the most beautiful city in Spain. 

Day 7: Carmona

  • Spend your morning on retreat with Fr. Murr – followed by lunch. 
  • Rest, reflect and pack during your free time in the afternoon.
  • Gather for Sunday vigil Mass and a Live Stream filming with Dr. Moynihan and Father Murr before enjoying a farewell dinner celebration. 

Day 8: Carmona Depart for home from Seville

Ronda, Spain
Street of Setenil de las Bodegas, where the houses are under a large giant rock

Pilgrimage booking is open!
We expect a quick sell-out.