“Rely on the mighty Lord; constantly seek his face”…1 Chronicles 16:11

Virtual Pilgrimages 

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…”2 Cor 4:7-9 & 16

Treasure in a stronghold… of clay

The treasure we have within us is the “Good News” that Christ, in rising, conquered sin and death, ending in Himself the frustration of this fallen earthly existence. We would expect to hold such a treasure in a stronghold of stone or metal, impregnable. Yet it is held inside of earthen vessels, vessels of clay. In this strange time, when we are so aware of our fragility, most of us have ceased traveling, hardly leaving our homes.

Many of our planned pilgrimages — true journeys of faith —had been postponed due to the coronavirus. That compelled us to journey to these holy places “by another way.” 

Therefore, we have created “another way” to seek Christ on pilgrimage: we travel around the universal Church, visiting beautiful and spiritually significant places, and meeting the “living stones, ” the faithful souls we encounter there, via the internet. We hope you will join us!

Living stones

Our main goal: like St. Francis, who heard the Lord speak to him from a cross in Assisi, at San Damiano, we wish to build up the Church that is falling down.

Francis collected stones to rebuild a physical church. But today our “living stones” are also challenged, tempted to fly from the Faith, to yield to the blandishments of a pleasure-seeking society.

We want to gather up ourselves, and others, in a collection of “living stones” to rebuild the Church into a living body, globally, of people striving to love our neighbors — as Christ taught us — in search of holiness, of justice and peace, of happiness in life… and in death.

We have this treasure

The Logos, God’s Word, Christ himself, recalls us to our dignity: we are free, we can pass through the shedding of all that we have and are, through death itself, and yet hope to stand before the Eternal Holy One. We have this treasure, this life with God, in earthen vessels. Come join with us in our virtual vessel as we seek this treasure, and find it.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we hosted live Virtual Pilgrimages to allow us to gather together, and pilgrimage to Holy Sites and Shrines, enjoy the beautiful art of the Vatican Museums, pray together, and meet the living stones of the church.

You can join us today, from the comfort of your home, through these recorded Virtual Pilgrimages.

Saint of the Week Series

You can view our complete Saint of the Week Series on our YouTube Channel.

Virtual Pilgrimage Highlights

You can view our highlights from our Virtual Pilgrimages on our YouTube Channel. Most highlights are less than 10 minutes, allowing you to go on pilgrimage at any time!

Full Virtual Pilgrimages

You can view our full recordings of our Virtual Pilgrimages on our YouTube Channel. Make a cup of tea and join us at the Vatican Museum with Dr. Jan Bentz.  Or learn about the Shroud of Turin from renowned expert Jim Bertrand.

What our pilgrims say about Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages
Virtual Pilgrimages

I just want to let you know that I truly enjoy the virtual pilgrimages.  I attended all three of the virtual pilgrimages to Assisi Italy and the virtual pilgrimage to the Vatican and found them very informative and inspiring.  I particularly enjoyed the insights from Father Anthony Figueiredo (Father Tony) and the opening rosary is a nice way to open the virtual pilgrimages.  The interactions between Fr. Tony, Robert Moynihan and Deborah add some nice personal insights to the experience.  And the prayers, insights and personal reflections from Bishop Sorrentino were inspirational.  The guide for the Vatican virtual pilgrimage, Dr. Bentz, was very patient, clear, and knowledgeable which contributed to an informative and enjoyable pilgrimage.  I like the fact that the virtual pilgrimages do not have a firm end time.  I think the loose format and flexible end times allow for a nice relaxed flow of information and allows the participants time for personal reflection.  And allows us some time for prayer.

Joseph Marrese

Thank you for bringing these remarkable sites to us. Enlightening as always!  Thank you to all who have made this happen. So beneficial and worthwhile! Many thanks from a grateful participant!

Thank you isn’t nearly sufficient! These pilgrimages are inspiring & amazing. Really enhances the meaning of relationships in our faith.

Just want to express my gratitude for the virtual pilgrimages. I look forward to the gatherings, not only for the thorough information and insights about places & persons who have shaped our faith, but for being in community with others from many cities & countries. It really feels like a pilgrimage experience shared with people of faith.

Hilda Walter
Just a quick message to thank you and your staff for the amazing Virtual Pilgrimages that you are offering since the “virus” derailed any normalcy, including your real pilgrimages.  I cannot imagine the experiences that you and your travelers have experienced over the years, but I am privileged and honored to get a glimpse.  The presentation of St. Peter’s was astounding!  I love hearing Archbishop Sorentino and Father Tony talk, and offer prayers.  Also, the history and beauty of all that you have shown so far is truly magnificent.  Thank you!
I also look forward to Father Tony’s new Wednesday programs of the Saints that you mentioned.  I need to learn, and I look forward to it.
Linda Smith

Want to thank you for such a wonderful virtual pilgrimage to Assisi.  Deborah Tomlinson is wonderful, as is Dr. Robert Moynihan, and everyone else.    It is so professionally done.  I really believe we should send a donation.    It just couldn’t have been better.   I learned so much about both St. Francis and St. Rita –  Absolutely beautiful.  Cannot thank you enough.

Barbara Debrowski

My wife and I have seen all the virtual pilgrimages and Saint of the Day presentations, either live or by Youtube recordings. We were uplifted by every one including this week’s presentation on Saints Augustine and Monica. Thank you Robert, Deborah, Fr. Tony, Dr. Jan Bentz and Archbishop Sorrentino for doing them.

Jerry Lawson

I was in Rome for 3 months, 7 years ago, and had so wanted to return! But as we know Covid intervened.
I bless you and thank you that I may return via your pilgrimages. Not only return but deepen my knowledge exponentially as your visits are deep!
Thanks and blessings.

Sandra Houston

These pilgrimages are so fulfilling for me, in that I get to be with you all on a very personal level, and that is what I enjoy the most …. Thank you so much and please keep them coming.

Bart Scivally

These pilgrimages feed the soul.

Alan Querengesser