“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”-St. Augustine

Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages are different from all other tours and pilgrimages.  We craft a daily itinerary which creates a fabric woven of spiritual, historical and personal elements – the personalities of great saints, the personalities of those we encounter and the personalities of our pilgrims with everything they bring from their lives and their faith journeys.  Our pilgrimages, therefore, are unique, unrepeatable experiences.

Our Signature Pilgrimages — small, private groups averaging 15 pilgrims – are impossible to mass produce.  They are like a product of an artisan, a work of art that reflects the painstaking commitment of an artist to create something of great and unique beauty. Personal encounter is the key to our Signature Pilgrimages. With more than 30 years of publishing Inside the Vatican magazine, we have colleagues and friends all over the world — and many of them have become part of our Pilgrimage family.

Our Classic Pilgrimages are carefully budgeted for families, couples and single travelers so that they can experience the unique qualities of Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages at an affordable price, without sacrificing Inside the Vatican integrity and style. We often stay in a lovely, secluded monastery on the outskirts of Rome, or a charming guesthouse in the Medieval city of Assisi; wherever we stay, our accommodations are always quiet, comfortable and conducive to the rich spiritual experience we strive to have on each of our pilgrimages.

An Inside the Vatican pilgrimage is a total immersion experience—unrepeatable and unforgettable, informative and transformative.  Our focus is not solely on the stones of the churches and basilicas we visit in places like Assisi, Norcia or Rome, but also on those “living stones” which are the souls of the people we encounter in these places — the Franciscan Sisters and Brothers of Assisi, the Benedictine Monks of Norcia, the Vatican Cardinals and Monsignors, the Swiss Guards in Rome and even ourselves, the pilgrims.  

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Signature LEBANON September 2023
Ancient Monasteries & Modern Saints

Our pilgrimage to this “Land of Ancient Faith” will be full of spiritual insight and enriching encounters. We will travel to the Qadisha Valley, the heart of eastern Christian monasticism, and Bkerké, the “Vatican” of Lebanon and the site of the Maronite Patriarchal See. We will witness the extraordinary devotion of the Lebanese Christians to their saints, including St. Charbel, whose monastery we will visit and at whose tomb we will pray.

Signature ITALY March 2024
Easter in Italy

Join us as we begin our pilgrimage in the Umbrian hills near the very center of Italy. Assisi is one of the loveliest, most peaceful cities in the world. The very light and air of the city seem filled with the presence of the spirits of St. Francis and St. Clare. We will spend three nights in this special city, preparing for Easter ­— studying the readings of the Easter Vigil Mass.

Classic ITALY June 2024
Toward the Face of Christ

From the ancient rooms where St. Peter lived for seven years, to the bishop’s residence in Assisi; from the treasure trove of art and faith at the Vatican Museum, to the Benedictine monastery of Norcia; we will encounter some of the “living stones” of our Church, as we journey toward the Face of Christ in the form of the miraculous Face of Manoppello.

Classic IRELAND July 2024
Saints and Scholars

Come join us on a faith journey through Catholic Ireland beginning where it all began, at the Hill of Slane, and continuing around the country on a path that takes the ancient stones scattered all around and makes them life-giving for today, for you.   For generations, Ireland has been perceived as a Catholic country, holding fast to the values of Christ’s teaching.

Classic USA September 2024
Discovering Mary in the Heartland

Join us in Wisconsin as we pilgrimage to 5 national shrines including Our Lady of Champion Shrine – America’s Fatima – the site of the only Church-approved Marian apparition in the United States.  Come and explore this unique and vibrant culture of Catholic pilgrimage in America’s heartland today, and learn about the hidden treasures of Catholicism in Wisconsin.