Pilgrim Testimonials

“If you have an opportunity to travel with Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages, don’t pass up the chance.  The pilgrimage journey is the top priority. It was the trip of a lifetime and I would do it again!” — Diane  Culbertson, Oklahoma  City, Oklahoma
“I enjoyed the trip tremendously! I will repeat it!” — Harold Bumb, Naples, Florida
“These pilgrimages are unlike any other journey I’ve ever been on. We went places I could only have dreamed of going, and at a leisurely  and prayerful pace. I have been on two and will go again.” — Richard Corr, Cleveland, Ohio
“I have been on many pilgrimages –large and small groups. This was a small group and it was fantastic! You could not ask for sweeter and more intelligent pilgrimage leaders. Their spirituality was phenomenal. We will return!” — Trudy Bumb, Naples, Florida
“I would highly recommend this trip because you have the rare privilege to visit inside the Vatican. Robert Moynihan’s knowledge of our faith and the places we visit is extraordinary. The small group makes for an intimate experience. The places we visited were amazing and exclusive!” — Michael Waitkus, Detroit, Michigan
“I wanted to send a quick email to thank you both for the wonderful Easter pilgrimage that  Cassy and I were blessed to share with you. The breathtaking sights, sounds, smells and tastes made the trip worth every penny that we spent. However, they only touch the physical surface of how this pilgrimage has affected us. The Spiritual uncovering … archeology, if you will … of the Catholic Faith, with its wonders and flaws, has drawn me further into the body of Christ. The places we visited, the wonderful people we met and the conversations that took place all served to remove the sediment and stones that were covering my soul and thus leave me vulnerable to our Lord. You witnessed some of that uncovering … the emotional scraping and cleaning that allowed me to reveal of myself after a washing with tears. 
Cassy and I talk often of how you both provided a friendship and comfort that made us feel like we were lifelong friends. Whether driving us for the best overlooks of Rome, sharing a meal and conversation or making it possible to get to see that last Bernini sculpture (Ecstasy of Saint Teresa) that Cassy had so wanted to see. You are both wonderful people devoted to our faith and it radiates from you.  May God bless you both.  Pace e bene!” —Harry and Cassy Revels, Portsmouth, NH