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Faith lifts the soul; Hope supports it; Experience says it must; and Love says… let it be! – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


West Coast

We are excited to introduce our new pilgrimages in the United States!

Come on pilgrimage to the beautiful Spanish mission churches of California in March of 2020!

When the Spanish discovered America, they were in search of wealth and empire, but one of their goals was spiritual: to win souls for Christ. One center of these efforts was the coast of California. Over 54 years, between 1769 and 1823, a number of Franciscan friars, led by St. Junipero Serra, founded 21 Spanish missions along 600 miles of the California coast, from San Diego to Carmel. These missions were churches where Mass and the other sacraments were celebrated, but they were also centers of technology and learning where European skills, such as agriculture and animal husbandry, were taught to the indigenous population, which greatly enhanced aspects of their lives. Many of these missions are still active churches today. During our California Missions Pilgrimage, we will visit 8 of the 21 Spanish missions. Our journey back in time to the late 1700s and early 1800s will traverse 600 miles in a series of short drives, generally less than an hour each, along the spectacular California coastline.

East Coast

In development are pilgrimages journeying along the Atlantic Coastline; exploring the work of pre-colonial missionaries, the Catholic roots of colonial America and visiting the shrines and churches built by the immigrants that brought their love of the faith and of Our Lady to America. Stay tuned for future announcements describing the details and scheduled dates of each pilgrimage!

2021: The Shenandoah Valley Experience  

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Upcoming United States Pilgrimage(s):

United States: Shenandoah Valley Experience: October 24 – 29, 2021
United States: California Missions
Mission San Carlos Borromeo, location of Tomb of St. Junipero Serra
Interior of the Coliseum National Shrine of North American Martyrs – Auriesville, New York showing the sanctuary and high altar.  (