The spiritual dimension – the search for a deeper understanding of God and a better appreciation of the history
and life of the Church – is the focus of our unique pilgrimages.  Join us as we encounter the “living stones” that build up the universal Church.

Classic ITALY June 2024
Journey Towards the Face of Christ

From the ancient rooms where St. Peter lived for seven years, to the bishop’s residence in Assisi; from the treasure trove of art and faith at the Vatican Museum, to the Benedictine monastery of Norcia; we will encounter some of the “living stones” of our Church, as we journey toward the Face of Christ in the form of the miraculous Face of Manoppello.

Signature SPAIN & FRANCE August 2024
With Mary from Garabandal to Lourdes

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey through the heart of Europe with this unique pilgrimage itinerary. Spanning a total of seven days, this soul-enriching experience takes you to some of the most sacred sites in Bilbao, Santander, San Sebastian, Loyola and Garabandal, Spain; Lourdes, and Toulouse, France.

Classic USA September 2024
Discovering Mary in the Heartland

Join us in Wisconsin as we pilgrimage to 5 national shrines including Our Lady of Champion Shrine – America’s Fatima – the site of the only Church-approved Marian apparition in the United States.  Come and explore this unique and vibrant culture of Catholic pilgrimage in America’s heartland today, and learn about the hidden treasures of Catholicism in Wisconsin.

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City

MEXICO September 2024
Our Lady of Guadalupe & the Flower World Prophecies

Join our pilgrimage with 2 scholars who have spent years researching the pre-christian Aztec culture and will shed an entirely new light on why the Aztec people were so receptive to the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the tilma that carried the flowers from the hilltop of Tepeyac.

SPAIN October 2024
Pilgrimage & Retreat with Fr. Murr

Come with us on this unique Pilgrimage and Retreat to renew your spirit. Not only will you pilgrimage through Southern Spain, a beautiful land where the Catholic Church’s rich 2,000-year history comes alive, but you will also partake in a Retreat led by Father Charles T. Murr.

Signature ITALY December 2024
Christmas in Rome Pilgrimage

Join us on this Signature Pilgrimage for an extraordinary journey to Rome at Christmas. We will visit the places where St. Benedict and St. Peter walked and bore their witness to the Gospel!  Italy seems to light up with its own special joy, and there is even more peace than usual.

Signature ITALY April 2025
Easter in Italy

Join us as we begin our pilgrimage in the Umbrian hills near the very center of Italy. Assisi is one of the loveliest, most peaceful cities in the world. The very light and air of the city seem filled with the presence of the spirits of St. Francis and St. Clare. We will spend three nights in this special city, preparing for Easter ­— studying the readings of the Easter Vigil Mass.

Classic IRELAND July 2025
Saints and Scholars

Come join us on a faith journey through Catholic Ireland beginning where it all began, at the Hill of Slane, and continuing around the country on a path that takes the ancient stones scattered all around and makes them life-giving for today, for you.   For generations, Ireland has been perceived as a Catholic country, holding fast to the values of Christ’s teaching.

Signature LEBANON September 2025
Ancient Monasteries & Modern Saints

Our pilgrimage to this “Land of Ancient Faith” will be full of spiritual insight and enriching encounters. We will travel to the Qadisha Valley, the heart of eastern Christian monasticism, and Bkerké, the “Vatican” of Lebanon and the site of the Maronite Patriarchal See. We will witness the extraordinary devotion of the Lebanese Christians to their saints, including St. Charbel, whose monastery we will visit and at whose tomb we will pray.


These pilgrimages are not currently on our schedule. If you are interested in joining us on any of these pilgrimages, please contact us to let us know.

Classic ITALY Spring
Miracles of Mercy

Join us in Rome as we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy and discover other “Miracles of Mercy”. We pilgrimage to some of the holiest sites in the city of Rome, including the site of Our Lady’s visit to Alphonse Rattisbonne as she appears on the Miraculous Medal.  Experience the transforming power of God’s love for us.

Signature GERMANY
In the Footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI

Visit Pope Benedict’s “second home” – Rome – and see the places where he lived and worked. Attend a Papal Mass on the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, and pray at Benedict’s tomb. Then, visit Benedict’s “first home,” Bavaria, his birthplace, and the small towns and family pilgrimage sites of his childhood, including the peaceful and holy Marian shrine of Altötting.

Signature ENGLAND
St. Thomas More

Join us in this unique journey to England following in the footsteps of great English men of faith such as Saints John Henry Newman and Thomas More!  You will have the opportunity to stand in Saint Thomas More’s cell in the Tower of London, where he spent his last month before his martyrdom.  We will also visit Oxford, where Saint John Henry Newman lived and taught.

Classic ITALY
Annual ITV Magazine

Join us for the Annual Inside the Vatican magazine pilgrimage to Italy!  Visit some of the holiest sites in Rome including the four papal basilicas. Attend a special dinner in Rome with many of our friends, a Vatican Forum, a panel of important Vatican staff members moderated by our own Dr. Moynihan to discuss issues facing the Church today.

Mary’s Dowry

Join us as we journey through England, seeking Our Lady, and deepening our own devotion to her. Trace the history of Catholicism in England — called by the devout King Richard II “Mary’s Dowry.” Travel from Ramsgate, where the “Apostle to the English,” St. Augustine, first landed, to Walsingham, “England’s Nazareth,” visiting many places along the way.

Classic ITALY October
Women Saints Pilgrimage

Join us on this unique opportunity as we journey through Rome, encountering the spiritual places of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, and many more.  We hope to understand the lives and spirituality of these women of God, so we may deepen our understanding of our own dignity as Christian men and women.

Classic USA
Shenandoah Valley Experience

From the rolling waters of the Shenandoah River to the rich, orange sunsets of Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains; from the bountiful farmland of this river valley to the many National Shrines in the area; we will encounter the beating heart of the Church and America today.  Come renew your soul, rest your mind, and ignite your heart.

Classic CALIFORNIA Missions Pilgrimage

Join us on pilgrimage to eight of the California missions! Attend two special dinners as we travel 600 miles along the beautiful California coast. Experience the Return of the Swallows at San Juan Capistrano and visit a winery as we pilgrimage towards the tomb of St. Junipero Serra.

Virtual Pilgrimages

Experience some of the most spiritual places in the world without having to leave your living room.  We have created “another way” to seek the Face of Christ while on pilgrimage.  We will travel around the universal Church, visiting beautiful and spiritually significant places, and meeting the “living stones, ” the faithful souls we encounter there, via the internet.