“All roads lead to Rome”- Ancient Roman Proverb

Classic: Holy Souls and Miracles

Annual Inside the Vatican Magazine Pilgrimage in Italy

During this pilgrimage in which we seek the guidance — and prayers — of “Holy Souls,” we will encounter the holy men and women of old who have left something of their spiritual presence in the places we visit. There are living souls filled with God’s grace, too, and we are very blessed to have Fr. Cassian Folsom, the founding abbot of the resurrected Benedictine monastery near Norcia, Italy, as one of the living “holy souls” on our pilgrimage. It is a privileged time to be part of the living Body of Christ, during these days of the “two Popes” — Benedict and Francis – two other “holy souls,” so very different and yet each so filled with the love of Christ and His Church.

We will also have the privilege of witnessing two miracles. One is the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, which not only strengthens our faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, but also spurs us to greater love and gratitude to the Lord who has given us this gift: “I believe, O Lord; Help Thou my unbelief!”(Mark 9:24) 

The other is the Holy Face of Manoppello, the image of Jesus inexplicably appearing on a rare cloth made from the beards of mussels; it is the Face about which St. Therese of Lisieux wrote: “Thy face, in its unearthly grace/ Is like the divinest myrrh to me.”

This pilgrimage of encounter with Holy Souls and Miracles will be a unique, grace-filled opportunity for spiritual enlightenment and refreshment for you and your fellow pilgrims.

Pilgrimage Overview

  • Spend eight (8) nights in Rome.
  • Meet Dr. Robert Moynihan, leading Vatican analyst and founder and editor of Inside the Vatican magazine, Deborah Tomlinson, Chief Operating Officer, and friends of Inside the Vatican magazine
  • Dine with Dr. Moynihan and special guests and friends of Inside the Vatican magazine
  • Gain insight into the Vatican from Dr. Moynihan and his more than 35 years covering the Vatican. His historical and current prospectives will broaden your understanding of our Church today and deepen your faith


  • Attend a Sunday Angelus with Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square
  • Attend a Papal Audience as a guest of Inside the Vatican magazine
  • Enjoy a walking tour of Baroque Rome led by Dr. Moynihan to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona
  • Pray and attend Mass at the Basilica of Santo Spirito, the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Rome
  • View several famous paintings by Caravaggio, including The Calling of St. Matthew
  • Visit and pray in the four major Basilicas of Rome: Peter’s, St. Mary Major, St. John Lateran and St. Paul’s-Outside-the-Walls. Attend Mass at St. Peter’s
  • Climb the Holy Stairs on your knees near the Basilica of St. John Lateran
  • Visit Santa Croce, the church containing relics of the Passion from Jerusalem
  • Experience a driving tour of Ancient Rome and see the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus and the Arch of Titus
  • Walk along the Appian Way
  • Explore the Catacombs of Callixtus
  • Visit the famous Domino Quo Vadis Church and Sebastian-Outside-the-Walls
  • Visit the Church of St. Paul and the Three Fountains, the site of the martyrdom of St. Paul
  • Encounter Our Lady at the Grotto of Our Lady of Revelations

ROME continued…

  • Visit the Basilica of Sant’Andrea della Fratte where Our Lady appeared to Alphonse Rattisbonne
  • Visit the Church of St. Praxedes, daughter of St. Pudens, the Roman senator converted and baptized by St. Paul
  • View the Miraculous Icon of our Mother of Perpetual Help on display at the church of San Alfonso
  • Visit Collegium Russicum, a college dedicated to the study of the culture and spirituality of Russia, that prepared priests for missionary work in the Soviet Union in the early twentieth century
  • Attend a Vatican Forum – panel of Vatican experts and staff members moderated by Dr. Robert Moynihan discussing and answering questions regarding issues facing the Church today


  • Assisi: Tour the Basilica of St. Francis and visit his tomb; attend Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels and pray in St. Francis’ Portiuncula; visit the Basilica of St. Clare and pray at her tomb; enjoy a walking tour of Assisi
  • Lanciano and Manoppello: Venerate the famous Eucharistic miracle and the Holy Face of Christ
  • Subiaco: Tour the Sacro Speco (Holy Grotto), the cave where St. Benedict lived as a hermit, and an adjoining monastery, with our dear friend, Fr. Cassian, re-founder of the Benedictine monastery in Norcia, Italy, who will celebrate a private Mass and deliver a spiritual reflection on early Christian monasticism