Outside of the old city walls of Rome, traveling along the Via Ardeatina, one comes upon the ruins of a thirteenth century castle known as the Castel di Leva. It is here that the image of the Mother of Divine Love has been venerated since the middle of the sixteenth century.

Many attribute the preservation of the city of Rome during the Second World War to the veneration paid to the image of the Mother of Divine Love.  Over the years many miracles and favors were granted at the shrine and its popularity grew.

The people of Rome have not forgotten how Our Lady saved their city over fifty years ago.  Every Saturday night from Easter to October, the people gather at midnight at the Axum Obelisk in Rome and walk in procession along the Via Appia Antica and the Via Ardeatina, converging on the shrine where Mass is celebrated at dawn and continually until noon in an open field to accommodate the large numbers of pilgrims.

This is one of our favorite shrines to visit while in Rome.  During our Women Saints Through the Centuries Pilgrimage in October of 2019 and 2020, we will visit this shrine….. join us!

Here is a LINK to the 2019 Women Saints Through the Centuries Pilgrimage!