(lily blooming in July)

In an earlier post, I called the narrator of the story our pilgrim leader.  He leads us on our pilgrimage to find Jesus through unceasing prayer.  In chapter one, we found out what ceaseless prayer is.  In the second chapter, we follow the pilgrim as he continues his journey and begins to teach what he has learned to those whom he meets.

In this second chapter, Our Lord teaches the title pilgrim about detachment from material things.  He desires us to love him directly without the need of the objects.  He wants us to grow in our love of Him.  If we need to use things like the Bible or rosary beads to start out, that’s fine; but ultimately, He wants us to be able to seek Him directly.  The pilgrim learns this detachment when all of his possessions are stolen and he wanders after the pillagers in a state of unhappiness.  Eventually, the lost pilgrim falls asleep and dreams of his teacher, who instructs him on detachment in his situation.

When our hero catches up to the thieves, he meets a captain in the army and they share stories and pray together.  The pilgrim narrator then continues on his journey and finds a quiet place to stay as he practices praying ceaselessly.  When he is no longer able to stay in one place, the pilgrim moves on.  He teaches those whom he meets not only concerning unceasing prayer but also on other spiritual matters.  He meets many and gathers a reputation.  I believe it was good that he learned not to rely on physical things or the things of this world beforehand.  It would have been much harder for him otherwise.

This chapter ends as the nameless pilgrim begins a journey to Jerusalem.