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  • Tips for Traveling in Italy: Church Etiquette

    view of Assisi for afar Traveling in Italy can be a pleasure if you are prepared and have the right attitude.  It is all about understanding the rules, the norms, and going with the flow.  Italians do things differently: breakfast is a croissant [...]

  • Life of St. Philip Neri

    aerial of Vatican City Latium (Lazio) - The region of Latium is in central Italy on the western side of the peninsula.  The area is best known for the capital city of Rome, but it is very diverse both geographically and culturally.  The [...]

  • Life of St. Rita of Cascia

    Basilica of St. Rita of Cascia Cascia - This small town that lies east of Spoleto in rural southeast Umbria began as a medieval village, growing up around an ancient castle in the Corno Valley.  Little of the original settlement survived, having been [...]


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