St. Calixtus, also written Callistus, was pope during the third century. Unfortunately little is known about the life of this early pope, except for what was written about him by St. Hippolytus, who openly opposed almost everything Calixtus did leading up to and during his papacy.

Young Calixtus was born a slave. His master entrusted him with a task which he failed. For this, Calixtus was sent to work in the mines of Sardinia. The future pope was later released and eventually ordained a deacon by Pope Zephyrinus. He was appointed superintendent over the cemetery on the Appian Way, known today as the Catacombs of Calixtus.

Upon Zepyrinus’ death, Calixtus was elected pope over the opposing Hippolytus.

St. Calixtus I died around the year 222AD and is venerated as the patron of cemetery workers.


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