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Born on May 3, 1991 in England, Carlos Acutis was an Italian with a deep devotion to the Mother of God and to the Eucharist.  When he was eleven, Carlos began documenting Eucharistic miracles.  Young Carlos wanted to even make pilgrimages to the sites of these miracles, which, due to ill health, he never went on.  Eventually, he created a website to exhibit these miracles, educate the public concerning them, and evangelize as many people as he could in doing so.  The Venerable Servant of God is noted to have said, “the more Eucharist we receive, the more we will become like Jesus.”  St. Francis of Assisi and Sts. Francisco and Jacinta Marto were some of the saints he chose to guide him through life.

Unfortunately, the life of Carlos Acutis was short.  Having contracted leukemia, he offered up his suffering saying, “I offer all the suffering I will have to suffer for the Lord, for the Pope, and the Church.”  At the age of fifteen, young Carlos died on October 12, 2006.  Pope Francis named him a Venerable on July 5, 2018.  His body now rests in Assisi, where he is expected to be beatified sometime in 2020.

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